Little Wren Farm Chunk Honey
Raw Honey with Honeycomb
Little Wren Farm's raw, wildflower honey bottled in a glass jar with a big chunk of comb straight from the hive! All of our honey and honeycomb is produced by the bees at the Little Wren Farm apiary in western Massachusetts.  To preserve the honey's natural flavor and qualities, our honey has never been filtered or heated above temperatures naturally found in the hive. A Word About Honeycomb: Do people really eat honey comb? Yes!  Many people prefer to eat honey straight from the comb - beeswax and all. Toast your favorite bread, spread some butter on it while it’s still piping hot, and cut a small chunk of comb and spread it on the buttered toast… delicious!  If you’re curious to learn more about appreciating this form of honey, please enjoy what Rusty Burlew of Honey Bee Suite has to say about honeycomb. When ordering this product, please select from the Size options, including our 5-ounce Honeycomb Sampler, 14-ounce jar, and 1.45-pound jar. The Sampler is a great place to start if you're just curious. If you’re unfamiliar with raw honey, please also read the section below on raw honey and crystallization.  
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