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 We’d love to introduce ourselves and tell you more ABOUT US & our Certified Naturally Grown raw honey, bees, and natural bee products.  

Bottled raw honey at Little Wren Farm apiary


Step into the SHOP! Our honey is raw and unfiltered; our products are handmade with all natural ingredients; and our packaging is recyclable or biodegradable.  

Visitors at the Little Wren Farm apiary inspecting a frame of bees


 Honey bees are extraordinary and inspiring. Spend some time here to learn more  ABOUT BEES .

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 We donate 10% of our profits to organizations promoting the resilience of our natural environment and our communities.  Learn more about what WE SUPPORT.



“In our house we consider the work of the Little Wren Farm bees to be essential, and having plenty of honey on hand is imperative! The honey is smooth and rich. It tastes like the best flowers of summer and fall. I have known the purveyors of Little Wren Farm for many years, and their integrity as community members, and stewards to the planet is remarkable. They have approached the farm with a down-to-earth, humble attitude that is as visible and palpable as it is healthy. Not only is the honey out of this world, so is the orange lip balm, which feels like the work of the bees is seeping right into your skin for healing effect. Thank you Little Wren Farm!”

Sandra L., Massachusetts  


I received Little Wren lip balm and raw honey as gifts – it made my day! The aesthetic beauty of the elegant natural packaging only magnified once I opened and used them. The biodegradable packaging for the wide creamy lip balm… the waxed cork sealing the raw honey in a thick glass bottle… come on!  I am very sensitive to allergens – but have only had positive reactions to these products.  I definitely trust Little Wren to make quality products that I can trust.  They make beautiful gifts, but are also great as functional staples that make day-to-day use feel elegant and purposeful.”

– Cathy N., Rhode Island  


The early season honey from Little Wren Farm was a light, lovely, luscious taste of early summer! I have never tasted anything like it – notes of the soft, sweet honeysuckle-scented air of an early June morning.  A needed reminder through a long winter that a gift from the bees at Little Wren Farm is just around the corner!”


Jean T., New York     


I live across the street from Little Wren Farm, and share those little wrens and visiting honeybees with the tiny farm’s owners.  Little Wren Farm makes amazing honey, some derived from flowers and plants in our own organic garden.  At Christmas, we sent Little Wren Farm honey to our family in western Montana—prime honey country, best we’d ever had until we tasted Little Wren Farm’s product.”


Ellie C., Massachusetts    



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