5-frame cardboard nuc box with lid removed
5-Frame Nuc
Update: Our 2021 nucs are sold-out. If you're interested in 2022 nucs, please provide your name and contact information where prompted below and you will be notified when they become available. Our nucs include a first-year queen that is a daughter of one of our current, best-performing queens. Originally of Carniolan stock, our queens are open mated here at the Little Wren Farm apiary and selected for traits including overwintering success, health, gentleness, and honey production. At pick-up, each 5-frame nuc includes a mated, proven, and marked queen; at least 2 frames of her own brood; approximately 2 frames of resources (nectar, honey, pollen/bee bread); and a 5th frame that is some mix of brood, food, and space / foundation for expansion. Our 5-frame nucs are sold in waxed, cardboard nuc boxes. At pick-up, nuc boxes are plugged and banded for transport. Our nucs are only available for curbside pick-up at Little Wren Farm. After your nuc order is confirmed, you will receive an email from Little Wren Farm to coordinate pick-up date and time. We require that you wear a veil for pick-up. Please see the Description section below for additional information regarding pick-up and installation of nucs. Important Note: After a nuc leaves our apiary, we cannot be responsible for the colony, including queen health or performance, but we’re always very happy to answer questions or share advice. Please don't hesitate to drop us a line if you run into questions.        
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